The Artist

Antoinette Damaris was born in Rochester, NY . Her first experience as an artist was ironically during the COVID-19 quarantine. Art was only a hobby at the time, but developed into a passion of hers. This blossomed into digital art in November 2021, focusing on portraits. Her versatility also spans to paint. With influences like Daria Callie, Melissa Falconer, and Ergo Josh, she would create artwork for friends and family taking small donations. It was then that she realized she wanted to pursue her career in this field and expand her knowledge in digital art. She went on to study through practical experience, self-learning by studying the work of her influencers. Music, art, and fashion are the foreground of her pieces, which can be considered home decor and wearable art statements. By day, Antoinette is a full time Infant care specialist with a degree in Early childhood education. She support’s Gilda’s club Chicago which is a place that helps women, men and children impacted by cancer.


Art for the soul. Art for your home. Art for life.



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